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Point in Time
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Team Member Sign up
You need to know who your team leader is to sign up as a team member. The Alliance does not make teams. Teams are typically made up of a group of people who all know each other (are 18+, and at least one person with experience with working with those who have been unhoused) and want to help the community with this event!
We have enough team leaders - thanks to our amazing community!

See below for responsibilities of volunteers

  • Team leaders are responsible for overseeing a team of volunteers and coordinating the count in a specific geographic area, which will be assigned to the team.

  • Team leaders should have a clear understanding of the CoC's objectives, the geographic area they are responsible for, and the survey tools to be used.

  • They monitor the quality and accuracy of data collection, ensuring that all necessary information is gathered.

  • Team Leaders must be prepared to handle unexpected challenges or issues that may arise during the count, such as inclement weather or safety concerns.

  • They will be the main contact for the deployment center.

  • Team leaders recruit and assemble of team of 3-5 people, known as team members. Team members need to be 18+

  • Team leaders ensure that team members are adequately trained on how to approach and engage with homeless individuals respectfully and conduct the surveys according to the established guidelines.

  • On the night of the count Team Leaders are responsible for ensuring their full team checks in and out, in person at the deployment site. As well as ensuring data collection forms are returned safety to the deployment site.

  • They provide clear instructions to team members about where to go, what to do, and how to ensure their safety during the count.

About volunteering:
We are in need of volunteers to go out and canvass Oakland County to count and survey individuals experiencing unsheltered homelessness. Volunteers create a team of no less than 3, no more than 5 people and are assigned a specific map(s) of their designated geographic area to canvass. Volunteers can either be a Team Leader, or a Team Member. Team Leaders are responsible for recruiting Team Members along with training them in preparation for PIT. It is required that someone on your team has experience  working with individuals experiencing homelessness. 

Team Leader Responsibilities
During the HUD Point in Time Count, a Team Leader plays a crucial role in ensuring that the count is conducted effectively and efficiently.

New team leaders will undergo training and receive instructions from the CoC.

Team Member Responsibilities

  • Team members are welcome to come to the Team leader training, or will be trained by the Team Leader. This training equips them with the knowledge and skills required to carry out the count effectively and with sensitivity.

  • Team members are responsible to receiving and properly handling supplies and equipment provided by the Team Leader at the deployment site. This will include survey forms, pens, clipboards, care kits and other materials.

  • Team members must check in and out of their deployment center with their whole team.

  • Team members approach individuals who are experiencing homelessness respectfully and non-intrusively.

  • Engage in conversation to gather essential information that is part of the survey forms.

  • Team members complete the survey forms accurately, ensuring that all data is legible and comprehensive. They follow the guidelines provided during training for documenting the information.

  • It is essential for team members to handle the collected data with care to maintain individuals privacy and confidentiality.

  • Team members should approach their work with empathy and sensitivity, understanding that the individuals they encounter may be in distress.

  • They should be aware of their safety and take precautions when approaching unknow individuals or locations, reporting any concerns to their Team Leader and Deployment Center.

  • Effective communication and collaboration within the team are essential. Team members should work together to share insights, address challenges, and support each other throughout the count.

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