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Landlord Resources
We are dedicated to ending homelessness and increasing affordable housing in Oakland County. We support housing solutions by promoting community partnerships, and by linking people in our community with a variety of housing resources and services.

The Alliance needs your help in identifying affordable housing stock for rent for those we serve. We value landlords as integral partners in achieving our mission.


Please contact Leah McCall to connect with us!

Landlord's Guide to Housing Brochure
The above brochure provides an overview of all housing programs, permanent supportive housing, rapid re-housing case management and supportive services.
The above document address frequently asked questions about rental assistance.

Homeless Choice Voucher Landlord Packet informational videos.

The Landlord Engagement work group has created these videos that go in depth for how to fill out the landlord Homeless Choice Voucher (HCV) Packets.

Oakland County Unlocking Doors Program

The Unlocking Doors Oakland County Program offers participating landlords' reimbursement for minor unit repairs when they rent their home or apartment to a homeless individual with a housing voucher. The program helps preserve the investment of a participating landlord while ensuring safe, affordable housing for someone in need. A landlord may only submit one claim per tenant, and the reimbursement amount is capped at a maximum of $3,000. All claims will be verified prior to approval and are based on actual expenses incurred. Approved claims will be paid within 30 days of submission.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Unlocking Doors Oakland County Program the Landlord must:

  • Agree there will be attempt to resolve tenant issues with the Case Manager prior to making a claim or initiating the eviction process (The program should only be used as a last resort when no alternative method can be identified to address the issues with the tenant)

  • All homeless persons who receive a Housing Choice Voucher with a homeless preference (HCV/HPV) or Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) through our special programs starting 3.1.22 will be covered under the fund.

  • Enter a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract with the Alliance and be in good standing with that contract

Qualifying Damages
  • The Unlocking Doors Oakland County Program can cover damages pursuant o the following conditions:

  • When tenant caused damages exceed the security deposit or tenant cause damages are identified in an HQS inspection and will lead to eviction

  • Property damage was cased because of a tenant's occupancy while under a rental agreement at the time the damage was incurred;

  • Damage to property exceeds normal wear and tear

  • The tenant's occupancy in the unit has not exceeded eighteen months.

To participate in this program or if you have any questions please contact Leah at

In partnership with the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) through Oakland County

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