• Coordinate entry and data sharing

  • Assist with project screening and prioritize services

  • Produce a unduplicated count of clients receiving services

  • Compliance with regulations

  • Report to Congress and funders

  • Provide referrals to services throughout the County

  • Track outcomes

  • Assist in writing grants

  • Update the CoC’s 10 year plan to end homelessness

  • Inform the community

  • Supports informed-decision making

  • Identifies gaps and supports best practices


About HMIS


The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is a web-based database used to collect homeless data including unduplicated counts of program participants, basic demographic data, and service delivery information. Bowman Systems is the vendor for Michigan’s HMIS, ServicePoint to which Oakland County participates as part of the statewide implementation.

HMIS data is used to:

If you have questions about HMIS please email HMISHelp-alliance@oaklandhomeless.org