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COVID Emergency Rental Assistance (CERA)

At this time we are no longer taking applications.
If you applied prior to June 30, 2022, your application will be reviewed based on risk of eviction and date of application.
As we move forward, we would like to keep you informed of our current efforts in the county. Please see the below flyer for information regarding Housing Stability Services.




The State of Michigan’s COVID Emergency Rental Assistance Program (“the Program”) is designed to keep
Michigan residents who fell behind on their rent and utilities during the COVID-19 pandemic in their
homes. The program utilizes a collaborative community process to expedite rental and utility assistance to
COVID-19 affected tenants and their landlords.

Service Agencies - Community Housing Network, Lighthouse MI, and OLHSA will work with tenants and landlords to provide rental, utility and internet assistance for eligible renter households. Legal services for renters will be provided by local legal aid organizations funded by grants made through the Michigan State Bar Foundation.

You can also check out the MSHDA CERA website for information.

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