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Point in Time Count 2024




What is the HUD Point in Time Count?:


The HUD Point in Time Count (PIT) is a comprehensive effort to count and survey people experiencing homelessness on a single night in January each year. This initiative helps local communities assess the scope of homelessness and allocate resources where they are most needed. It includes not only counting individuals on the streets but also those in shelters and transitional housing.

Why Does the HUD Point in Time Count Matter?:

  1. Resource Allocation: The data collected during the Point in Time Count helps local and federal governments allocate funding and resources to homeless services and support programs.

  2. Understanding Trends: It provides crucial insights into trends in homelessness, such as changes in the demographics of those experiencing homelessness.

  3. Policy Development: The data guides the development of effective policies to combat homelessness and its root causes.

  4. Public Awareness: By participating in or supporting the Point in Time Count, you contribute to raising public awareness about homelessness.

How Can You Get Involved?:

  1. Volunteer: Many communities rely on volunteers to conduct the Point in Time Count, including us! Find out volunteer information HERE 

  2. Donate: Consider donating supplies for the Point in Time Count. HERE is a flyer with a list of items needed to create Care Kits & how to donate.

  3. Advocate: Get involved in local advocacy efforts to support policies that address homelessness and its underlying causes.

  4. Spread Awareness: Share information about the Point in Time Count and the broader issue of homelessness on social media and with your network.

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